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Redux - Octopus Deploy Splunk App

Here we go again

Over 12 months ago, I released a cutdown version of a Splunk App that targeted Octopus Deploy. I was stoked when I won an award at .conf 2015.

Since then I have been able to work with a great crew such as Grigori Melnik, Andy Nortrup, Logan, David P. plus many more to release Splunk AppInspect.

Also, I have had more and more questions and queries about running the Octopus Deploy app in a distributed Splunk environment.

With all my learnings over the past 12 months, I have decided to re-write this app along the way blogging about some best practices.

Below is a basic outline I think I will go for.

  • Part 1 - Setting up a repo(s) and build on Github for a Splunk app.
  • Part 2 - Getting data in via a AddOn/Modular Input
  • Part 3 - Securing credentials for a AddOn/Modular Input
  • Part 4 - Dashboards Redux
  • Part 5 - Deployment Considerations
  • Part 6 - Splunk App Certification

Time will tell how quickly I get this done among family and other OSS commitments.

Get Amongst It!!

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